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So I’ve been struggling through Ana/Mia/Ednos whatever the hell you wanna call it for over 9 years But I wanna start a blog to just get everything off my chest so I can show whoever wants to read my failures and successes about my weight and mental illness. I also have a blog about my mental illness(es). I’ll post a link at the end. I was diagnosed with Bulimia in High school 9 years ago but my family never really cared so they never pushed me to go to therapy and they thought it would “work itself out” and I would get over it. Well, eventually my throat started to bleed every time I would throw up so I eased up on my purging and started restricting more. but My weight has never really stayed constant. I got married young and I thought it was over… but that didn’t last long after I found out he was selfish and he didn’t really care about me. I’m in the middle of the divorce now. I was down to 102 and now I shot back up to 12o again and now I’m slowly working my way down. I want to hit the double digits so bad… I’m short 5 foot 2 so being this heavy looks so bad on me 😦

I live in the US, and I’m an introvert. A lot has happened to me. I do not like people, they use me because I am too nice to them, and no matter what I am stupid and always think that I can help them and they always end up hurting me. So I try to stay to myself. I want to be a nurse – ironically. So I am starting school in the Spring. I lived in Florida my entire life but decided I needed a change and moved to snowy regions. Good luck to me! I love it so far.

CW:115 current BMI 21.1




My mental illness blog:


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