He said I walked like an elephant… I’m 119

I’m fasting I’ve been b/ping the last couple days… I need to stop. I’m at the gym walking on the treadmill now, fml.

Why am I such a failure?!?!?! 110 by the 19th fuckers! I’m doing it!!! That’s a pound a day? can I do it?!?!? Yes fucking I’m doing it! No eating unless I absolutely HAVE to. I bet I can get away with it? Maybe I’ll try things out work my schedule weird ways, he’s trying to loose weight too maybe I can get out of dinners? Say I’m not feeling well? Sigh

Fat ASS! I hate these mirrors in the gym! I can’t believe my body change! wtf I got blisters in my toes and now I look like a whale not to mention walking like an elephant… Sigh fml

I want this to be over


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