The first binge in a while

I had a mini binge. It wasn’t more than 1200 (?) cals but I feel so gross. I’m down 112.4 this morning we will see what tomorrow holds with this mini binge. I was able to throw the last few bits away so it was a bit like I had some control. It’s been over a week since my last binge…

I’m beginning to loose a ton of energy. It’s hard just to clean and do my hair. But the last time I almost got to 100 pounds I want to make it under 99!


One thought on “The first binge in a while

  1. Weight is just a number, dont let it trigger your weight! Not binging for a week is an accomplishment, so congrats. Slip ups do happen, but aim to go two weeks without binginh, then three and soon the urge to binge will go away! Also in my experience you are feeling tired because your vitamins and minerals are all whacky and with normal eating the tiredness will go away!
    Goodluck & good job going a week without binging!



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