Change of Name!

I changed my blogs name because weight, as it is a “health” problem, it is also a societal problem. I had made my weight an issue and let it control me. Yes I do have a control problem, but I need to focus my ED control energy into a more healthier path. I need to accept me for ME and I can not let society tell me what is right and what is wrong with my weight.

Yes, I am saying all this good stuff now, but in reality it’s going to take work and time. I know this, but I also know words are power and I know that I can do whatever I want if I invite it into my life in a positive, non-selfish way. SO I WILL END THIS ED and I WILL LOVE MYSELF!

only when I can say these without doubt in myself will this be true, but I have been lying to myself, below is a link to my other blog about my “journey”

I changed this site because if I kept it the way it was then I was leaving room for me to fail and fall back into my “comfort zone” of control (my ED).


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