Use of health?

can I use this as a health page? lol Of course I can do whatever I want. I want to be a normal healthy person.. I find it so hard to eat normally, still with the progress I have been doing with my journey. But here I go:

IDK what my current weight is… it’s like 135 or 140… BAD I KNOW! for a 5’2 girl… it’s awful. Yea I work out so some could be muscle, but definitely not all. I want to be thinner, Like I was.. maybe back down to 115ish. that’s a good healthy thin weight for me. so Stats:

CW 135-140

GW: 115

LW: 100

Today I have eaten, A bagel with cream cheese and a oreo coffee thing.. I threw up possibly less than half? I don’t want to throw up… I haven’t done it in a long time, and I don’t want to anymore. I could blame it on the triggers I have been having, but those are excuses for the weak. I need to be strong… I think I will only have a yogurt and a coffee for the rest of the day. I rode the bike for 30 mins this morning but not enough to burn the nastiness from my body. I want to eat clean and healthy.. yea I have an addiction to diet soda.. it’s a bad one to have but IDK if I’m ready to give that up just yet. I want to measure everything so I have a better idea, I was doing good for a while. I just need to be more aware when I eat and practice mindful eating… sigh. Here we go.


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