ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar)

So I stopped eating dairy, I’m basically now a vegan that will eat things with “egg” in it. But I don’t really eat eggs. I don’t eat meat, I did for like 6 months, but it was only fish and chicken for like 5 months, but I quickly reverted back into my vegetarian ways. Now I’m kind of vegan? lol well I don’t eat any meats, only “eggs” so I guess you can call me an ovo-vegetarian. lol

I quit eating dairy bc of my acne. It’s not horribly bad, but it’s not the greatest. My teacher said that I couldn’t be massaged if my acne got too bad… so of course, I had to take action to hinder that variable. So no-dairy it is. I also made an “action plan” but I haven’t put it into “action” yet. sigh, I’m also trying to limit my gluten intake… why do I feel like a fat-fuck? I just ugh. I hate being fat, but really there no point to worry about it bc this body isn’t what is going to get me anywhere after this life. being “fat” is different than being healthy… I just need to focus on being healthy and getting my mind straight for the long healthy road ahead.

So I’m going to try ACV. I used it today on my face, and I drank an ounce or two of it… WOW, what a way to wake up… shit… That is strong and very undesirable… But if it’ll help me, then lets do it. Apparently it is also supposed to help with overweight, arthritis, and a bunch of other aliments. So, day one..

It burned on the way down, kind of like alcohol would, but I could feel it go into my stomach and just coat everything. it was weird. I then got a little light headed and feel weird… I hope this works lol


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