Avoiding myself?

SO I could quiet possibly be avoiding myself in ways I didn’t realize… My friend told me they started drinking lately “socially” and for fun, they also admitted to drinking a couple times to “get away” yet they assured me 99% of the time it was “for fun”. Well then I tried mediated ot about 2 minutes into it and failed. What is worse here? Who am I to judge what is good or what is bad? So I went to the gym and had sweat pouring from my body for over 2 hours… maybe that can help ease my body to relax the mind. Maybe I’m hiding from myself. Maybe I can’t realize that we are doing the same thing, that its two different heads to the same coin, but on opposite ends? Maybe I fear what I’m beginning to find through this new journey.

Life gives us reflections so we can see what we are becoming and what we are forgetting. Don’t miss out on the reflections that are given to you to see the things inside yourself that need help, attention, or praise. ❤


There is something stirring inside me and I’m not sure what it could possibly be; strength, determination, courage are all rising but at the expense of a break through, and possible break down as the pressure builds, but as the pressure builds, I know the diamond will come from this volcanic rock.. I just got to keep on going.


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