Bio: What should you know about me? How, when I think too much I get into moods of dyer crisis, extreme joy, passionate love, hateful spouts and where I feel like nothing is real and all life is a giant lie? How I feel that it's not a bad thing, but a thing we can not see or even remotely understand because our understanding is limited by what we learn? How I feel cheated by society, media, politics for programming our every move by brainwashing us with tv, radio and other ways? So, I guess what you may want to know and what I tell you are two different perceptions of this amorphous "about me" section. Or would you like to know about my past, my current situation, my divorce, my lost dog, my education, my job, my status quo, what I believe in, whom I'm dating, what I'm doing on a daily basis for all those people who can't see past their phone? Or how I somethings think even blogging is ridiculous and time -consuming and makes me look bi-polar? But it helps to "write it out" - sometimes it helps more-so online, than in a journal; so here I am! Feed-back or comments are great, they help me think - I'm always up for constructive criticism.

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